Hard Drives not opened directly

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This type of problem occurs when you authorize some programs (while downloading files from the internet without knowing what will it do), which will try to amend your system files. They maliciously entered and then over write your system files to run such programs at start-up. Even if you found the

Beware of making money online on scam websites

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In this new millennium millions of website claiming easy to make money online. Offering peoples to get rich in a month and get paid thousands of Dollars without leaving your home, just sit & work on the internet enabled computers.

How to create website with wordpress in 30 minutes

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Today, It is main aim of a business or an individual to get bigger exposure through internet. Internet is the most reliable & cheap way to get more in sales. E-commerce enabled websites are the best solutions for the business to expand globally and interact with the client online. A website is also beneficial for an individuals. 

Solutions to computer problems

Need help how to fix computer problems - Get Solutions
There are so many causes which creates problems in the computer. A user encountered problems after changes in the hardware, installing the new software, windows settings, networking problems.
So, I am here to help you resolve the computer problems, issues created by the following

Firefox The Best Internet Browser.

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The History
I have been using internet since 1993, When there is only text browser & text based email clients were available in Pakistan (mostly Dos based internet browsers).The operating system was Microsoft Windows ver 3., which has no functionality to run multiple programs at the same time. After a year or two there comes

How to Optimize Windows 7

I will try to instruct you step-by-step, how to boost the performance of Windows 7. Providing the knowledge about some simple fixes and tweaks. In this post I'll try to show you the steps how to improve disk performance, optimize your display settings, power settings and eliminate desktop load. You will also know how to keep Windows 7 healthy by staying update.

Updating Windows 7

I am discussing it earlier because your PC (COMPUTER) need it before tweaking the operating system Windows 7 to make PC faster. You must know the following steps in order to update your Windows 7.  
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