How to create website with wordpress in 30 minutes

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Today, It is main aim of a business or an individual to get bigger exposure through internet. Internet is the most reliable & cheap way to get more in sales. E-commerce enabled websites are the best solutions for the business to expand globally and interact with the client online. A website is also beneficial for an individuals. 

Anyone who owns a website could share their thoughts on the blog, Family photos collage, Holiday activities, Teaching the students at home online, Training courses and lot more things via a website to the whole world. I'll guide you step-by-step how to create / build website in 30 minutes.
You'll need some preparations in order to create website.
  1. First of all you need the domain name (URL) Like
  2. Web site hosting plan (free or paid its up to you).
  3. Installing the script/software on the server.
  4. Adding contents to the website.
  5. SEO (Search engine optimization).
Domain Name Definition: -
A domain name is an identification label that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control in the Internet. Domain names are host names that identify Internet Protocol (IP) resources such as web sites. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS).
Domain names are often referred to simply as domains and domain name registrants are frequently referred to as domain owners, although domain name registration with a registrar does not confer any legal ownership of the domain name, only an exclusive right of use.
Source:  Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  1. Domain Name: Start the website creation procedure by registering the domain name by visiting "Domain Registrar".
  2. Web Hosting: Find the suitable web hosting plan (click to Signup for the better one) paid or free after registering domain name. Most of the paid hosting offered to host unlimited domains on one hosting account. It is better to go for a paid web hosting. In the control panel (often called cPanel) of the web hosting add the domain you have just purchased. Then find the name servers at the web hosting, which you need to point to domain. Add them at the domain registrants.
  3. Setting up Domain: Login to your domain and try to find setup domain, open domain setup and enter domain name servers found at web hosting.
  4. Installing Wordpress: Go to and login at the web hosting account, find auto-installer fantistico or softaculous to install the wordpress script. If you didn't find auto-installers then try to manually install it (visit to see the manual install). Wordpress is the best script to establish, Maintain, Works well and having good user interface to add so many functionality by installing themes & plug-ins to the website.
  5. Wordpress Administration: Logon by typing your website address like "" in the address bar of your internet browser. Use the credentials you have just provided in the installation procedure of Wordpress. Hooray! your website is online enjoy the online presence. Customize the Wordpress for the better look & feel of your newly created website.
  6. Look & Feel: Change layout by installing themes in the administration panel tab on the left of the Wordpress Dashboard.
  7. Adding Contents: Add pages, install plug-ins and many more things to do at administration page.
  8. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): It needs focus, time, patience and a lot of knowledge about how to submit your website to the "Search Engines", directories or writing articles about your website on the article directories. Click to see the whole procedure for SEO.

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