Hard Drives not opened directly

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This type of problem occurs when you authorize some programs (while downloading files from the internet without knowing what will it do), which will try to amend your system files. They maliciously entered and then over write your system files to run such programs at start-up. Even if you found the
program & delete it, which is creating all this mess. It will remain their after the deletion of such files (programs).
You need to thorough check on the system because it would might spread the virus to the whole system and damage your data, precious files & programs (Installed at your PC). It is also possible due to the virus, which is directing you to open such program, which will corrupt your computer's hard drives or the directories of the drives.
In order to make your PC safer, faster & work smoother you'll need an Anti-virus program to be installed properly. You'll also need some other security software's like Anti-spyware, internet security, Anti-phishing and more relevant to your needs. Try to install compatible Anti-virus software bundled with other utilities which will protect your PC and personal data & identity.
Suggestion: Try to run the software "Ace utilities" or like wise, which will show you the running programs (start-up)and try to un-check the programs which are not required at start-up. I will add some more suggestions if you will Mention the OS and your system (PC make & model) clearly in the comments. So, I will guide you to solve the computer problem with Hard Drives or else.
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