Firefox The Best Internet Browser.

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The History
I have been using internet since 1993, When there is only text browser & text based email clients were available in Pakistan (mostly Dos based internet browsers).The operating system was Microsoft Windows ver 3., which has no functionality to run multiple programs at the same time. After a year or two there comes
Mosaic internet browser, it is the best of that time.

Evolution of Microsoft Windows 95 makes internet spread faster than earlier globally, it has been equipped with Microsoft Internet Explorer. There was new Netscape Navigator released it is the best of all, has faster website load time than Microsoft Internet Explorer. It was the famous and reliable of all Internet browsers.

With all the enhancements in computer technology, software's were also changed the dimensions of human's thoughts. Computer's hardware got better & better, and software's become available open license.
Mozilla 1.0 is the new addition in the Internet browser's in 2002, it was the open source code browser. It has been renamed by Mozilla Firefox and released in 2004. Firefox is cross-plat formed nature as its predecessor using the XUL user interface markup language. The use of XUL makes it possible to extend the browser's capabilities through the use of extensions and themes. The development and installation processes of these add-on's are easy. The use of XUL sets Firefox apart from other browsers, including other projects based on Mozilla's Gecko layout engine and most other browsers, which use interfaces native to their respective platforms (Galeon and Epiphany use GTK+; K-Meleon uses MFC; and Camino uses Cocoa). Many of these projects were started before Firefox, and probably served as inspiration.
Firefox 4.0
has many customizable user friendly features, which user could tweak for better browsing experience. Best browser in easy tab management while surfing the net. Adding reliable and easy to use Add-on's, plug-in's & themes are easy. It has a very powerful & reliable functionality to export history, bookmarks & user passwords easily & securely.
Features: -
  • Bookmarking made easy.
  • Faster loading of websites.
  • Password manager to store, export & import passwords.
  • Web console for web developers.
  • Zooming by hot keys. ctrl+mouse wheel
  • Moving to other tab by hot keys. ctrl+1,2,3,4,5.......
  • Error console for web developers
Tips & Suggestions to tweak Firefox: -
  • You could set the "Download location" to your desired location.
  • Try not to add so many add-on's, it will slow down your PC.
  • Try not to put personas, if you have slow computer.
  • In order get back your passwords Install add-on which would export your site passwords, if Windows might get corrupt. I use "password exporter by Justin scott".
  • Try to back-up your bookmarks by going to the menu>bookmarks>show all bookmarks>import & backup>backup or export html.
  • Try to install "Down them all" by Nils Maier (If you need download manager).
  • Best of all the "Internet Browsers" it has functionality to save your tabs for next application run. It will not loose your work behind if the power failure occurred or it has been crashed. It could restore your all tabs you were working on earlier.
Till today it is the most reliable, faster & convenient web browser. It has better functions than all the other Internet Browsers
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